BenQ FP222W 22-Inch Widescreen Monitor

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BenQ's 22-inch widescreen LCD monitor, baptized as the FP222W, is set to hit store sometime this month and brings with it a series of features that make it more than just a pretty face (or bezel, as the case may be). It tops out at a resolution of 1680x1050 pixels and its 5ms response time ensures that you're not sitting on your big Gaming Chair looking at trails and blurs. BenQ's thrown in their proprietary Senseye technology, which is supposed to "automatically and dramatically" improve image quality, kind of like beer goggles.

The FP222W has two types of inputs, D-Sub and DVI. DVI would've been noteworthy two or three years ago, the lack of HDMI is somewhat surprising. Not because it's any better, but because it's newer; we need the latest and greatest, regardless of improvements in quality.


Though BenQ's latest monitor is due this month, there's still no word on how much coin it'll cost you.

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