Best Buy Bait-and-Switch?

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Dave at MobilityToday recounts his tale of visiting Best Buy at 6:45am and getting the old cold finger up the poop chute:

As 8:00am approached, the line started moving and people were getting excited as they approached the door to then find out that they handed out 53 tickets at 6am. I personally knew what to expect, but did the other 140 people behind me? No!! They were furious... As I entered the store immediately I heard an employee scream out "Everyone all the Xbox 360s are sold out, but we have a great deal on a Compaq laptop for only $449). So I immediately followed the employee along with 25+ people to see this sale. Once we got to the computer department I overheard the employee hard-selling a customer who originally was going to buy an Xbox 360, saying, "Why do you need an Xbox 360 when you can buy this laptop and play all "games" on this?"


UPDATE - Brought this back up. I'd love to hear some more horror stories.
Best Buy using Xbox 360 for a bait and switch? [MobilityToday]