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Best Buy Employee Holiday Guide Pseudo-Reveals BlackBerry, Nokia, Android Launches

Today's Best Buy leak takes the form of a who's who of holiday hardware releases for the retailer's mobile department:

Nokia Booklet netbook - October 25th launch (AT&T activation)
Sprint HTC Hero - October 11th
Sprint Palm Pixi - launch date TBD
Verizon Storm II - launch date TBD
Verizon Android device - launch date TBD
T-Mobile CLIQ - launch date TBD


Also of note are two cryptic quotes regarding BlackBerry and Android devices. "New BlackBerry devices across multiple carriers" are set to launch this holiday season, and a "host of devices launch in late October and November for all carriers."

Then there's the launch of "new technology which doesn't exist today" line to top things off. I'm crossing my fingers that means "flying car." [BGR]

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Stinky Wizzleteats

I myself cant wait for the "hilidays" ,such festive times they are