Best Buy Is Epically Botching This TV Repair

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I once had to wait an extra four weeks for a couch. I was furious. All I can say is that I'm glad I'm not this dude on the Best Buy repair forums trying to get his TV fixed.

Just in case this post "mysteriously" disappears from the Best Buy site, here is the full story. We hope Best Buy can help get this guy taken care of:

It seems to take along time to get Best Buy to repair a tv!!!

I placed my first call back at the end of november. Complaint was green bloches and a green line in the middle of the screen. First date available is a week later. Before they get here the tv does snap crackle pop, smoke comes out the back and then no picture. Called BB and they say no problem, the tech has to see it anyway.

Tech looks at it and say he needs to order some parts. Writes down the serial number, model number and says will call after he knows parts have been delivered. One box with one part and second box will have three parts.

Week later a different tech calls to say he is coming and I tell him only one box is here. He says it shows both boxes have been delivered. Shows up and of course doesn't have needed parts. Says he will reorder. Writes down serial number and model number again. Another week later the tech arrives and opens the boxes. Wrong parts!! Writes down the serial number and model number again to reorder parts.

Another week later.....again......arrives and opens the boxes. Surprise....wrong parts.....again. Tech tries to solder part onto old board to get tv working. After about 2 hours says he can't fix the tv, will have to order parts. Writes down the serial number and model number....again. Say he will call me to confirm he ordered parts. Never received phone call.

I call the following week to check up on parts order only to find out no parts have been ordered. No reason why or when they will order parts. Geeks says they are having problem ordering parts. I ask how long they have had the problem. Two days he tells me. I tell him that parts were suppose to be ordered before then. He then tells me it has been longer than two days. I'm starting to get the feeling I'm running in circles.

Tech says he will order 6 parts and install them all in a effort to keep from coming back out again if there are still problems. They tell me they will contact and the tech and make sure someone calls me when the parts are ordered. No phone call...again.

Call back next week to find out when they are ordering parts. I was told they were ordered and delivered to my house already. Strange, I don't have any parts here. Geek says maybe the tech has them. I ask if we could actually confirm that or if he was just guessing. He says to call back tomorrow. Parts show up a couple days later.

Tech comes out to install the parts. Install two out of six parts and tells me it's fixed. Well......I can at least see the picture again. Remind tech that the original problem was never looked at because the tv blew before a tech arrived. He assures me this will fix that problem too. Told the tech it needs to run about a half hour before the green lines and blobs show up. I'm told to call back if there are any more problems.

I'm handed something like a ticket that says they have already spent over $1500.00 to try and fix this tv. It originally cost me $3000.00. What a surprise, half hour later the green blob is showing back up. I call BB and ask them to get the tech back. I am told he is now to far away. Have to schedule another day. I ask them to make sure the tech does not return the new parts he did not install. Was told they can always reorder them!!

So far it has been about six weeks of a dead tv. Then 30 mins of watching the tv to see the same problem I originally called about show up. Now I will sit home again and wait. Let them try and fix the problem. This is getting crazy!!!! How many times am I suppose to sit around and wait for people to come to try and fix this?? My time is actually worth something too. Even if no one else thinks so.


If the couch had me furious, this situation would have me on the verge of Geek Squad genocide. [Best Buy via Consumerist]