Best Buy Is Selling the iPhone 4 for a Measly $50

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If you're shopping for a very good smartphone on a shoestring budget, and having the latest hottest greatest thing isn't your primary interest, Best Buy is letting the iPhone 4 go for just $50, a pittance!


In obvious anticipation of the so close we can taste it iPhone 5, Best Buy has decided to offer an instant $500 discount of the $599 8GB phone—add in the extra $50-off savings, and the thing is cheaper than the newest iPod touch. The same price as that teensy little iPod shuffle!

Of course, a 2-year activation is required, but still. Apple itself is selling the same phone for $99, so this deal is probably the best you'll find. Some one, please, take advantage of this outrageous markdown! [ZDNet]


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yeah ummm, its been like that for like 3 months at least......just fyi.....