Best Buy Spares iPhone 4 vs. HTC EVO Video Creator's Job

Best Buy employee Brian Maupin got internet famous last week with this iPhone 4 versus HTC Evo video. Which made Best Buy upset enough to suspend and threaten to fire the guy. Today, Maupin was granted a stay of termination.

Best Buy's statement indicates that they weren't actually concerned with the Evo/iPhone 4 videos so much as three other shorts on Maupin's YouTube account that took more direct jabs at his employer:

We have completed our investigation into the videos created and posted by Brian Maupin, the aspiring film-maker and Best Buy employee. This is an important situation for us because it involved balancing our social media guidelines with a commitment to creating a supportive environment for our employees. It's important to note that our investigation involved three videos that were posted in late June because they were openly disparaging of our employees, our customers and our vendor partners. Our investigation is over, and these videos are no longer on the web. Contrary to rumors, Brian has not been fired, and is scheduled to return to his job at Best Buy this Friday.


Which could true, or could be saving face; either way, there's no way those videos would have been discovered were it not for the millions of eyeballs Maupin's phone wars videos attracted.

In either event, it may end up a moot point: Maupin's official statement indicates that he may not want to return to work after all, so there:

Right now I'm planning on taking a leave of absence so I may survey my current career plans and the future. I'm not sure if it would be comfortable returning to Best Buy considering the circumstances, but I will definitely consider all options.

Let's hope one of those options is continuing to make funny internet videos. [TechCrunch]

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• it's similar to an iphone but has a bigger screen

- I don't care, really.

• the internet speeds are around 3x faster

- if you live in Baltimore.

• it has a higher resolution camera

- no it doesn't.

• it doesn't require you to be on wifi to use video chat

- I don't care and wouldn't want to be on video with 3G.

• it's battery is replaceable as is the memory card

- it's replaceable because it's crap and lasts minutes if you're on 4G. Replaceable memory card? I don't care.

• It's highly customizable

- I don't care. Specially for video wallpaper.

• The montly bill is cheaper

- cheaper how?

To me, the only true advantage of having an Evo would be free tethering, which is not mentioned in the movie.