Maybe everyone wouldn't be so riled up about Facebook's privacy changes if they knew what's up over at Twitter. A best man set up a prank where his friend's bed now tweets whenever the newlyweds are, *ahem*, "on the job."


The best man promised the groom that there wouldn't be any tricks before the wedding. Of course, he didn't say anything about after the wedding. Using the same concept behind the Twittering office chair, the best man set up a system where every time there's increased activity up top, the bed reports it. Once all is said and done, the bed reports a summary (including a "frenzy index"), along with a judge's comment for good measure.

The anonymous best man defends himself by saying "BTW - he stitched me up something rotten when he was my best man so I reckon this is reasonable payback :)" He also promises that he will never reveal who he is or the identity of the couple.

Depending on how you look at it, it's either a gross invasion of privacy or a hilarious prank. Tomato toh-mah-toe, I say. If this happened to me, it would definitely be one of those "I hate my friends" moments when I found out. [@newlywedsontjob via 140char, thanks Everyone Like Me]