Best. Stylus. Ever. (a.k.a. Ninjas > Pirates)

Illustration for article titled Best. Stylus. Ever. (a.k.a. Ninjas gt; Pirates)

The pirate over at Kotaku has just discovered what he's calling the "Best Damn Swag on the Planet," and we're calling "the best stylus ever." It's a stylus for Ninja Gaiden DS, but it's not just any stylus, it's a friggin sword. It even has a little sheath to stick it into! Can you imagine playing Pokemon with that thing? Or whipping it and using it as a stylus in your Windows Mobile phone? "Hey John, give me a sec to check my calendar with my fucking NINJA KATANA." And then you throw the stylus into his eye, officially ending your lunch meeting. [Kotaku]


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halloweenjack, King of the Wild Frontier

I used to have a fingertip stylus from the now-defunct Concept Kitchen [] that was pretty sharp. This "ninja sword" thing looks like something that you might find holding together the olives in a martini.