Beyond Gorgeous Video Shows the Making of a Damascus Steel Sword

Turn it up to 8K if you can (you can’t), because this truly awesome video of master bladesmith Tony Swatton working on a Roman Gladius Sword made from damascus steel is a treat to watch. Damascus steel is basically art in a material as the layers get built, this sword is especially awesome because it combines a 93-layer damascus technique in the blade with a twisted grip.

Phil Holland filmed the video in 8K with the upcoming RED Weapon 8K camera. You can read more about the process here.


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200 Ponies

Nice enough looking sword, but he could have avoided a lot of “That’s not REAL damascus steel!” arguments here by using a really fun modern steel like Super Blue, M390, Sleipner, or S110V. If nothing else it would cut down on all these commenters that are surprisingly all experts on ancient trade routes, metallurgy, and forging techniques.