Illustration for article titled Bicygnals Front and Rear Lights Makes Your Bike Look Like a Cop Car

If you have the balls to weave your bike through heavy traffic on city streets, you might not even consider Bicygnals, battery-operated LED turn signals that make your bike look like a cop car. For the rest of us, we can appreciate how these front and rear signals communicate with each other wirelessly with a quick flip of a switch. That's certainly better than taking your hands off the handlebars and flashing hand signals, which won't do you much good at night, anyway.


The front and rear signal indicators each run on two AA batteries, but we're thinking it's too bad those batteries can't be charged up with a generator from your bicycle's wheel. Anyway, sure, simple forward and rear-facing lights might do the trick, anything that increases visibility couldn't hurt, and if Bicygnals save your life, they might prove themselves well worth their $83 price. [Bicygnals , via The Uber Review and Sci Fi Tech]

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