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Big Mouth's New Season Looks Buggy as Hell

Puberty only gets harder for the hormonally challenged teens in the Netflix series' new trailer.

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
A yellow lovebug reads a new assignment while a second bleakly drinks coffee in their office.
Lovebugs, workin’ hard.
Screenshot: Netflix

Nick Kroll and Andrew Goldberg’s Big Mouth has been exploring the dark, wacky, and incredibly gross pitfalls of puberty for four seasons, and... that’s not going to change. The new trailer for the fifth season of Netflix’s hit animated series reveals even more monsters are coming to torment the teens—and to unfortunately help the teens torment each other.

The show is clearly determined to explore the twin passions of love and hate in season five, which, if you were once a teen—or, god forbid, are one currently—you know are exceedingly potent emotions at that age. And both of them can be equally miserable and destructive, unfortunately, which is why you should cut no slack to the lovebugs and the hate worms who will be tormenting Andrew (John Mulaney), Jay (Jason Mantzoukas), Jessi (Jessi Klein), Nick (Nick Kroll), and Missy (Ayo Edebiri) when the show returns, as seen in this new trailer... but that’s not all.

Yep, a Big Mouth Christmas special is on the way, complete with an impressively realized Maury the Hormone Monster puppet and, apparently, a Santa Claus with full-frontal nudity. Well, I assume. His red pants could just take a tumble and briefly expose his candy cane and sleigh bells.


Here’s the official synopsis for the show’s fifth season, via Deadline:

“Starting with ‘No Nut November’ and continuing through New Year’s Eve, Big Mouth Season 5 takes on the theme of Love & Hate with the introduction of lovebugs and hate worms, amorphous creatures that can shift between the two forms (like caterpillars and butterflies). Nick’s lovebug, Walter (Brandon Kyle Goodman), pushes Nick to pursue his feelings for Jessi until she publicly rejects him, turning Walter into a hate worm who leads Nick down a dark, rancorous path. Meanwhile, Jessi’s lovebug, Sonya (Pamela Adlon), appears as Jessi gets closer with Ali and eventually wonders if she loves her as more than a friend. Jessi and Ali’s new close bond, and joint co-opting of Missy’s affinity group, sends Missy into her own hate spiral, fueled by hate worm Rochelle (Keke Palmer). Jealousy, unrequited love, and newfound crushes abound in this new form-breaking season as the Big Mouth teens navigate 8th grade.”


Big Mouth season five premieres on November 5 on Netflix.

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