Big Prizes and Population Control Await Fortuna's Contestants

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Winners of reality shows like American Idol may go home with a ticket to fame and fortune, or risk disappointment, heartbreak, and public humiliation. But could any prize convince contestants to risk death? In upcoming movie Fortuna, members of a desperate future underclass play a mysterious game where the winner gets to join the wealthy elite, and the losers don’t go home at all.Tapping into current fears of economic collapse and the vanishing middle class, Fortuna portrays a world of extreme wealth stratification:

Set in 2100, "Fortuna" envisions an Earth where a collapsed economy and climate crises have eliminated the middle class, leaving a few very wealthy and the teeming masses in severe poverty. To give hope and avoid revolt, the elite create Fortuna, a mysterious game where one in a thousand wins a big payday and joins the upper classes. But their hidden goal to "reduce poverty" by 30% over 50 years comes with a deadly price tag.


Freddy Rodriguez and Lost’s Dominic Monaghan will play two of the game’s impoverished players, as will the film’s writer-director Barthelemy Grossmann. [The Hollywood Reporter]



Wow, everyone's really getting taken by this press release today. The script may very well be the worst I've ever read — the first act of the script is a static, talky sequence where the main characters complain about how bad things are and dream of 'a better life' (represented by glossy pictures of cars and women ripped from magazines). The game? It's a bunch of people stuck in a room. That's it. They have to kill each other until only one survives. That takes the rest of the script. I can see that being the climax of the movie, or maybe a fifteen minute sequence, but an hour and a half? Wow. Unbelievably boring. This movie will never find domestic distribution.