Bike Frame Uses Nanotube Technology, Light as Five Cellphones

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Carbon Nanotube (CNT) technology is making lots of things possible that were never dreamed of before, for instance, this bike frame on the BMC SLC01 Pro Machine that weighs 2.1 lb., or about as much as five cellphones. How is it made? Said its makers:

Tiny tiny tiny (you can t even see em) tubes of carbon fiber (ie: nanotubes) are mixed into the resin which bonds the carbon sheets together, and work to add strength to the resin much like using wire-mesh in concrete does.

All this feather-light high technology comes at a steep price, though, where the frame, fork and headset alone for this bike cost $3650.

PEZ-Clusive Test: BMC SLC01 [PezCycling News via Digg]