Rapha has been a one-stop-shop for all kinds of cool bike accessories since launching its first collection in 2004; in addition to the stylish wearables, they’ve got a small batch of prints and publications dedicated to the joy of road climbs and racing. Now, they're adding leisure travel to the mix with an eight volume collection of City Cycling Guides.

The eight colorful titles in the black box set are dedicated to showing the best way to navigate European hotspots on two wheels. Each of the pocket-sized softcovers contains easy-to-read maps of do-able urban adventures in a specific city: Paris, Milan, London, Barcelona, Antwerp and Ghent, Copenhagen, Berlin, and Amsterdam.

These are punctuated with hand-drawn illustrations and info on where to find cafes, shops, sights, even Wi-Fi access. Etiquette and essential info is outlined in the back, along with more rigorous routes for folks ready for a serious day on the pavement. And because it might not be realistic to bring your ride with you overseas, there’s also info on hires and sharing for those interested in a casual afternoon experiencing life like a local. Buy some for yourself here for $40. [Rapha via notcot]