Bill Gates Applies for Patent on High Tech Keg

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The cerveza mogul himself Señor Bill Gates is listed on a new patent for a "thermally sealed container." And yes, one of its potential functions is to hold beer.

Gates is one of many names on the patent from Searete LLC, the company you may recognize behind another recent Gates-signed work, an electromagnetic engine.


Apparently the new invention is not quite a keg or thermos, but a system that "may include more segments principally defining at least one storage region; and one or more regions of substantially thermally sealed connections between at least one of the one or more surface regions of the one or more segments wherein the one or more regions of substantially thermally sealed connections and the one or more segments form an integrally thermally sealed storage region."


In its simplest terms, that sounds a lot like a thermos wrapped in many layers of specialty insulation complete with sensors and displays—the ultimate beer home. And indeed, the patent app describes a container that could hold everything from a "liquid or beverage" such as "beer or distilled spirits" to artificial plasma and hot mix asphalt.

Nice attempt to hide international beer trade under philanthropic construction and medical uses, Señor Gates. But we're on to you. [Patent via TechFlash]