Bill Gates Invests $392 Million in Mexican Beer

Illustration for article titled Bill Gates Invests $392 Million in Mexican Beer

When you're Bill Gates, you've gotta party just as hard as you work. And you've got to invest just was hard as you party. Maybe that's why Bill Gates just invested $392 million in Mexico's second largest brewer, Femsa. You know them as the company that makes Tecate, Sol, Superior and Kaiser.


The company does more than bottle beer, though they are the country's oldest brewer that's been running since 1890. It's also the world's second largest bottler of Coke all while it operates Oxxo, Latin America's largest convenience store chain with over 4,300 locations.

Of course, while Femsa had no comment about the transaction, their shares jumped 7.5 percent after Bill Gates purchased about 3% of the company. I myself am wondering how the hell my portfolio is short on Tecate stock. [reuters via I4U]



Wow, he could've just hit the corner store and picked up a 40oz for like $2. Christ, its not even a good beer.