Bill Gates Has a Shiny New Website to Go With the New Twitter Account

Wondering why Bill Gates decided to join the Twitter crazy recently? Turns out he's probably doing it for the same reason as most of us: Shameless self-promotion. Except he's promoting some very, very good causes through a new website.


Earlier Bill Gates tweeted about his new website, the Gates Notes, and with his two-hundred-something-thousand followers that announcement is bound to be retweeted until even your grandma has heard about it. This means that by the end of the day a few more people might know about Gates' ideas on curing malaria with candy, education reform, helping Haiti, and all the other issues the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation focuses on.

Pardon that fluffy, happy view on a simple tweet, but—with the exception of the recent calls for Haiti aid—I don't often see Twitter used to promote something with great potential to make the world a lovelier place and I've got a weak spot for the work done by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to begin with. Nice work, Billy. You've got a retweet from me. [The Gates Notes via Bill Gates]

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