Bill Gates on Playing Both Underdog and Corporate Villain

Click to viewIn our second Bill Gates interview segment, we are surprised that the question about Bill's changing image leads to a brief amusing history of Microsoft. Note the none-too-subtle hint that the Google boys should take a bit of perspective from his tale. Don't miss Part 1 of the Bill Gates Gizmodo Interview: Bill on the Difference Between Microsoft and Apple [Bill Gates CES Interview]


@Noobs-R-Us: "Wait!??! Bill Gates popularized computers?!.."

Do we really need to run a poll whether the computer we are using now is a Windows-based PC or Other? Seriously?

And so what if Microsoft "assimilated" other ideas into their own product. Boohoo. Too bad. That's called business strategy. If small businesses didn't want to be bought out, they shouldn't have gone public.

And who says we're stuck with a PC? We have other choices like Linux or Mac, and I use both at home (file server and Macbook).