Bill Gates Explains the Difference Between Microsoft and Apple

In the first segment of our Bill Gates CES 2008 interview, we asked the difference between Apple's approach and Microsoft's approach when it comes to product releases. Apple steers clear of products that might be iffy in their first iteration—portable music rentals; DVR—whereas Microsoft rolls out stuff that may not be quite ready. Bill's response is illuminating, direct and humble. Jump to Part 2, where Bill describes his changing public image, as an underdog and a corporate bully. [Bill Gates CES Interview]


"Apple steers clear of products that might be iffy in their first iteration-portable music rentals"

Oh what a fucking crock of horse shit.

Tell me, for example, that the original iPod and the iTunes Music Store was anything but "iffy" when they came out. I swear to frikkin' god, almost everybody and their cats originally predicted the failure of those two Apple products. And look where they're at now, both dominating their market sectors. Give me a break.

I'm not so big of a fanboy to declare that Apple invented all these things; they didn't. They're not the almighty "innovators" in that sense.

But to fuckin' suggest that they are not risk-takers is not only disingenuous, but also laughable, because that insinuates that everything that Apple have released and became a huge success was all but guaranteed to succeed. Which, if you think about it, is nothing short of ludicrous.

One thing I've found out though: that he was able to convince Giz and some of its readers with this bullshit means that he might have a pretty good Reality Distortion Field (TM) generator of his own ;)