Bill Gates Previews Ultra-Portable Tablet PC

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Bill Gates took to showing off the ultra-portable concept tablet PC at WinHEC 2005 yesterday. Roughly the same size of a Creative Zen PMC, the concept calls for a tablet running Windows XP Tablet Edition, some form of wireless and greater battery life. The idea is to make such technology more accessible and therefore more ubiquitous in households—something you can carry around as an all-purpose gadget to keep notes, play music, browse the web and perhaps control your home's automation systems. I'd be happy if a finished product like this had a keyboard (some of the pictures show that it might) and made it easy for me to remote desktop to my primary computer. If the price point on a smaller, simplified tablet like this drops enough, you could start seeing multiple tablets in a single household.


Gates previews Mini-me Tablet PC Concept [InfoSynWorld]

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