Bill & Ted Tell Us to Party on, Will Release Face the Music Sooner Than Planned

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Ted and Bill having a revelation.
Ted and Bill having a revelation.
Image: Orion Pictures

Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, Hollywood’s release slate’s been utterly rocked with some films like Mulan, that were meant for theatrical release, now coming straight to streaming. Others like Tenet are in a holding pattern until movie theaters open back up. Bill & Ted Face the Music is doing its own thing with a limited release in theaters and a planned VOD launch, and apparently the dates for both have been pushed forward.

This morning, Bill & Ted co-star Alex Winter posted a video featuring behind-the-scenes commentary from some of the movie’s creative team and his fellow actors. But his note also announced that Face the Music’s new United States release is now seven days earlier on August 28.

It’s a curious, if not unwelcome development. There doesn’t really seem to be all that much of an obvious reason as to why the Orion Pictures is rushing to get the movie out earlier, and in all fairness, there might not actually be one other than the fact that the studio can, which, hey: good for them. The Dean Parisot-directed film was initially set for an August 21 release but not too long ago we got the surprise announcement it would release in theaters and on-demand on September 1 instead.


Written by Chris Matheson and Ed Solomon and starring Keanu Reeves, Alex Winter, Samara Weaving, Brigette Lundy-Paine, and William Sadler we can now watch Bill & Ted Face the Music in select theaters and VOD platforms on August 28. Solomon noted this morning “news on international release is coming soon.”

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