Bingewatching Netflix on Your Chromecast Just Got Even Easier

Bingewatching good shows is now a beloved American pastime, and Chromecast is a fantastic enabler. Now Netflix is decreasing the minimal effort needed to just keep streaming; that "Post-Play " option that automatically starts the next episode will be rolled out for iOS and Android users navigating their queue from their smartphone to their TV.

The feature itself isn't new—anyone who's watched a series from a tablet or computer in the past year or so will be familiar—but up until now it was only available there. This Chromecast compatibility should make afternoons lazing on the sofa all the more mindless; it will even suggest similar titles after the credits roll like it already does on your phone or computer.


The update is reportedly "coming soon." Until then you will still be stuck manually clicking to get their regular 30 Rock fix for just a little while longer. [Netflix blog via The Next Web]

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