Bird B Gone Gun

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Have a lot of birds or other varmints annoying you? Annoy them back with the Bird Chase Laser, an 8-ounce handheld laser gun that emits three steady beams of light that are supposedly able to chase the birds away without hurting them.

We're wondering just how effective this could possibly be, where the product's website promises best results if you use the Bird Chase Laser in low light. Couldn't we accomplish the same thing with a well-aimed laser pointer or two?

Anyway, we'd like to try this out on some rabbits who are chewing up our prize-winning Gizmodo garden, moseying away afterward as if they were searching for a bag of Doritos or a pawful of chocolate chip cookies. If this doesn't work, well, we'll just have to get out our elephant gun and go for the pink mist.


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