If you've been considering handing out cheap disposable cameras at your wedding but really wish your guests had access to Instagram filters, Ilford Photo's got a compromise for you. The company's now selling disposable snappers packed with two variants of its black and white film stock.

Each camera includes a flash and 27 exposures of ISO 400 film. If you opt for the XP2 version, the photos can be developed at any camera shop or store that can process regular color film. But if you choose the fancier HP5+ silver gelatin option, you'll need access to a studio that can develop proper black and white film—or simply mail the camera to Ilford for processing. And since they're actually based in the UK, the XP2 version might be a better option if you live outside the country.


Both cameras will be available soon for just under $15 each. But for $24 you can get a version of the HP5+ camera that includes the cost of shipping and developing, as long as you don't live outside Britain. [Ilford via PetaPixel]