The Black Friday madness continues! has gotten into the swing of things a bit early, offering $3.99 DVDs. Sure you might be a hi-def guy, but four DVDs would go a long way toward stuffing a stocking. Granted, a lot of the movies are crap, but here are a few we either own already or would be happy to pick up:

Enemy at the Gates (2001) - DVD T2 The Extreme DVD Edition (1991) - DVD Once Upon a Time in the West (1969) - DVD Frailty (2002) - DVD Rosemary's Baby (1968) - DVD First Blood (1982) - DVD


See, lots of good "merry Christmas, now die!" titles on the list. Just be careful, as there are a few good movies (Eternal Sunshine, Sideways) that are full frame only. And when we take over the world, such discs will be outlawed (and people who buy them on purpose, shot in a nonlethal manner). [JR via bargainjack]