Black Friday Morphs Into Cyber Monday

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Got heartburn from the stuffing your mom made and don't feel like hoofing it to the mall the day after Thanksgiving with the rest of the shopping schleps? Looks like this is your lucky year. Now, instead of Black Friday, the day traditional retailers monitor store traffic and sales for the holiday sales season, it's all about Cyber Monday. Yes, that's right folks, now that online holiday shopping has been creeping steadily into store sales, it's time to give the Monday after Thanksgiving a name—and somebody out there thought Cyber Monday sounded good. According to the Research 2005 eHoliday Mood Study, 77 percent of online retailers said that their sales increased substantially last year on this Monday, a trend that is driving serious online discounts and promotions on Cyber Monday this year. So now you can sleep off your turkey and play video games the day after Thanksgiving, and just do your Christmas shopping online. At work. According to the eHoliday Mood Study, 43 percent of online retailers plan to offer special promotions and discounts on Cyber Monday. Deals will range from free shipping to gifts with purchase to percentages off.

Cyber Monday' Quickly Becoming One of the Biggest Online Shopping Days of the Year [PR Newswire]

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Anything that can keep me from having to crowdsurf through a crowd of people in overzised coats farting up a storm thanks to their thanksgiving meals for crappy deals on less than cutting edge tech is good in my book.