Blackberry App Store Already Has Third Party Competition in BerryStore

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After today's reveal that RIM will launch an official app store in the near future, TechCrunch reports on BerryStore, which not only promises to provide apps for the Storm, but the rest of the Blackberry line as well, including the old phones. What makes this a legitimate challenger to the official app store is that BerryStore's content will be available to everyone, regardless of the carrier (the official app store will make different apps available to different carriers...apparently). Currently, the selection in BerryStore is thin, consisting mostly of location based services, Google related apps and bookmark icons for news services, but they're accepting submissions for more apps. The service also plans to incorporate paid apps in the future, though everything available now is free. BerryStore uses a standalone client on the Blackberry to search and browse apps, then connects to the Blackberry browser when its time to download. BerryStore is available now. [BerryStore via TechCrunch]