BlackBerry App World Paid Apps Must Cost at Least $2.99

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BlackBerry App World, RIM's reactive attempt at at a mobile app store, is starting to look a little half-assed. First, we find out it's based on PayPal. Next, an arbitrary minimum app price: $2.99.


I can appreciate the effort to have free and paid apps available at launch—something that Google didn't manage—but if it means submitting to steep payment processing fees that force cheap apps out of the picture, I'd rather wait.


Or maybe this was a conscious decision to filter out the endless $1 flashlights and fart simulators that litter the iTunes App Store. If so, change it. Those thousands of worthless, make-a-buck apps are annoying, yes, but they don't stop others from making, finding or purchasing countless app that, though great and worth something, belong somewhere below $3. [CrackBerry]

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as long as there is a good selection of free apps i won't care. the ones affected by this are the amateur developers that are likely to make a lot less money (or maybe none) meaning they are unlikely to create new things for the BB. oh well.