Paid Apps Appearing In Android Market

BGR reports that the first few paid apps have infiltrated the bohemian mobile development commune known as the Android Market, just one week after the submission gates were opened.


The string of comments following the post indicate that most users won't be able to throw their money at fart apps just yet (there are fart apps, RIGHT!?), but gradual, trickling OTA G1 updates are par for the course. The first (small) batch of apps will look familiar to users of Apple's App Store—Unit converters! Breakout games! One dollar clocks!—though it is conspicuously (and unexpectedly) lacking of any marquee titles. It's far too early to judge, and baby steps are fine, I guess, as long as I know I'm getting my Guitar Hero someday. G1ers, let us know what you find—good and bad—in the comments. [BGR]

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