BlackBerry Bold Hands On (It's Great)

Tonight, we finally got our hands on the BlackBerry Bold, and it was worth the wait. You've already seen the UI, which yes, it's that snappy and smooth. The screen is nice 'n' crispy, if a lil' tiny for extended cinematic pursuits. But the real q: How's the browser? Damn skippy. It not only renders Giz correctly (a feat that makes most mobile browsers cry blood), it's fast (thanks AT&T), and zooming in and out with the trackball works pretty well.


Smaller than the 8800, but bigger than the Curve, it feels really nice in your hand. Well, our hand. The keyboard is solid, as expected-BlackBerries live and die by the keyboard. Sweet design, more features, a great browser and the most consumer-oriented feel of any BlackBerry yet. This is the BlackBerry you've been wanting.

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This is for men, while the iPhone is for boys!

(Or for women, while the iPhone is for girls!)

Having said that I might still go with the iPhone (hey, I'm still a kid at heart) as I could do with a new iPod anyway. However, the important missing features (esp. tethering) are giving pushing me towards the Bold.