BlackBerry Curve 8900 Now Available On T-Mobile: $199

Illustration for article titled BlackBerry Curve 8900 Now Available On T-Mobile: $199

T-Mobilers with BlackBerry envy can rejoice: they are the first to get the impressive Curve 8900 for $199 with 2-year deal.

We liked what we saw of the new Curve, and it will be on AT&T later this year. It's not the $150 sweetspot that was previously rumored, but still not bad for an overall solid B-Berry. [T-Mobile Store via Crackberry]


Update: As is their wont, Amazon has a nice $100 rebate, bringing the price down to $99. Thanks ALCie.


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My employer is getting me one of these in the next few days...not by choice. Used a RAZR before that, lol. Anyone have any useful info for a new Blackberry user? What are the Curve's best/worst features?