BlackBerry's U2 Commercial...Brought To You By Apple

Is it just me, or does the new BlackBerry commercial featuring U2 look a hell of a lot like an Apple ad? Or, more specifically, the Coldplay Apple ad?

This little nugget of Apple envy was pointed out by TechCrunch, and I will have to agree that the similarities are pretty obvious. What's more striking is U2's willingness to play the corporate field. Bono is a founder of Elevation Partners, a company with a major stake in Palm. U2 has also been heavily involved with Apple in the past and their new concert tour is sponsored by RIM. Three major rivals...I hope they all wore protection. [TechCrunch]



ok, so the similarities are rather astonishing, but I think that the worst part is that the blackberry commercial is very nearly twice as long (1.76x actually), and yet there is less point in the end. so, because blackberry loves U2 I should get one of their phones? The apple ad is specifically for the ability to download the brand new hit Viva la Vida before the cd is out. it is a benefit for apple and itunes, and it also is made using a program that apple is touting. the blackberry commercial uses much more time and money for... what? oh, and did i mention the apple ad looks much better? I was dying for this to be the new Viva la Vida music video and was sorely disappointed. I'd really like to find a way to get an HD version of this ad. seriously. I'd pay money for this. is that sad?