Blackmagic Design Intensity: HDMI I/O for Macs and PCs

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Blackmagic Design introduced Intensity, the first HDMI PCI Express card. It can pass an HD signal straight out of a low-cost HDV camcorder and into a Mac or PC without needing to be compressed into the HDV format. This will be a blessing for users of HDV camcorders that have HDMI ports, such as Sony's just-introduced HDR-FX7. Now, vid-jockeys can edit in uncompressed HD without the need for more expensive SDI (serial digital interface)-based cameras or decks.


Intensity can also output HDMI video, so HD video editing can be monitored in real time on big-screen TVs, projectors or high-rez monitors. The card even lets pros playout HD video to broadcast. No word if the card will also be HDCP-compliant, letting us mere mortals watch copy-protected HD on an HDCP display. Even if it doesn't, this is hot stuff, especially since it costs just $249. Available October 15.

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