The trailer’s light on plot—other than the fact that Elle wants revenge for what’s been done to her and plans to, well “kill them all” (them mostly left vague). But it’s heavy on vibes, and those vibes are at least feeling very Blade Runner so far. Aesthetically, the show’s doing a pretty good job of encapsulating in particular the feel of the original Blade Runner’s world; neon-soaked but still dark and dingy where 2049 was a bit more effervescent. Throw in the moody synth soundtrack, some action, and a Voight-Kampff test for good measure, and you at least have a show that looks like it can walk the Blade Runner walk.


We’ll just have to see if it talks the talk when Black Lotus begins airing on Adult Swim’s Toonami block (with its English-language dub) and on Crunchyroll (in Japanese with subtitles) simultaneously from November 13.

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