Blazing Fast SSD Flash Drives Finally Available in Half TB Capacities

If you don’t mind waiting hours to fill a massive flash drive with files then by all means go and drop a few hundred bucks on a 256 GB drive. But if you value your time, you’ll want to seriously consider a compact SSD flash drive instead. They boast sustained transfer speeds topping out at an impressive 433 MB/s, and are finally available in larger 480 GB capacities.

OWC’s Envoy Pro mini isn’t the smallest flash drive you can buy, but it’s still certainly pocket-friendly. And what you sacrifice in a compact size you can more than make up for with speed, speed, and more speed. The fastest flash drives available from companies like SanDisk currently top out at 260 MB/s, while the OWC Envoy Pro mini manages 433 MB/s from a USB 3.0 connection.


Just be prepared to pay a premium for that speed and capacity, at least until these tiny SSD drives aren’t bleeding edge technology. OWC’s new 480 GB model will set you back a hefty $600 when available in a couple of weeks. But with all the time you’ll save not waiting for file transfers, you could easily take a second job to afford one. [Other World Computing via SlashGear]

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