Illustration for article titled BlingNation Blinger Handheld ATM Confuses Us

At first glance we thought this BlingNation Blinger was a handheld ATM device that would let you purchase stuff directly from a salesperson (like in Apple stores), but on closer examination it's actually quite weirder.

It's actually a handheld ATM in that it's an actual ATM, which means that you can do everything that you can at a normal ATM but on the go (except withdraw cash). Why you would want to pay your bills, transfer money between accounts, or "request money from other people" on a handheld ATM is anyone's guess, but we suppose BlingNation has some plans for it that we don't quite understand. Couple that with the cost of $100 and monthly fees, it's unlikely that anyone would want to use this at home (where they have a computer already to handle banking needs) or on the go. [Inventorspot]


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