Blockbuster's Blu-ray Endorsement Having Major Impact on HD DVD Player Sales

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Click to viewBlockbuster's decision to support Blu-ray in all of its 1,450 stores is having a bigger impact than it seems. A tipster at an unnamed retailer tells us they've had more HD DVD player orders canceled over the last few days than they've seen over the entire life cycle. The kicker? All of them were canceled because of the Blockbuster announcement.


Not only that, new sales of HD DVD players are nonexistent, with Blu-ray being the only things moving now.

The more tech savvy of us rent our stuff on Netflix or Blockbuster Online (which is still supporting both formats for now), but this announcement—covered in many mainstream media sources—had a big impact on people who actually rent at Blockbuster.

Any of you tipsters working at other retail outlets see something similar? Email us if you have.

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It appears Sony is going to win this, folks. They put all of their cards on winning the next-gen disc battle, and destroyed themselves in the next-gen game battle (at least for another year or more) just to win with Blu-ray. I think many of us were thinking this would be another Betamax, but that has not turned out to be the case. Sony is winning — at the moment, handily, coming from behind in dramatic fashion.

Until the past couple of days, I would not have bought either one. Now, if I needed a high definition video player, I still wouldn't buy anything because Sony is going to lower the price of the PS3 soon. Once I can get a PS3 for $400, then I will consider entering the HD disc market.