Blockbuster's Elbowing into the Movie Streaming Racket

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As though anyone needed to make this week's Netflix debacle any more confusing, Blockbuster's about to announce a streaming service to compete with Netflix's newly-single streaming service.


Blockbuster hasn't actually come out and said they're announcing streaming, but the invitations to their 1PM event today describe a "stream come true." Real subtle, guys. Though in fairness, a Blockbuster Streaming service wasn't exactly a well-kept secret: When Dish Network bought Blockbuster for $320 million, they said outright that one of the reasons was the potential to launch streaming.

One thing to keep an eye on is whether Blockbuster institutes a premium (more expensive) tier of service, which may have been one of the hangups with Netflix not being able to re-up with Starz. We're not sure what the library and pricing will look like just yet, so check back after the announcement for how Blockbuster managed to muck things up this time. [BGR, All Things D]



Awesome. Another competitor in the mediocre streaming video marketplace. Seriously - until they can stream 1080p at BluRay bitrates with 7.1 uncompressed audio, streaming video is as enticing to a lot of people as 3D.