Starz Turned Down $300 Million to Stay on Netflix

So you know how Starz and Netflix broke up, which, sad! But did you further know that Netflix offered up a whopping $300 million per year to make the third-rate movie channel stay? That's ten times their current deal. Yowza.


Starz, according to the LA Times, refused to sign off on any deal that didn't involved a tiered pricing plan. That way the movie network could save face with its cable cronies while still making bank on Netflix streaming. Nice try, Starz! But also not a negotiation so much as a round of Hungry Hungry Hippos.

Netflix, obviously, refused to adjust its pricing, which is in the long-run a hopeful sign for consumers. And that's how we got here: come March, you're going to have to live without streaming second-tier first-run movies Tangled and The Expendables. And Starz is going to have to live without hundreds of millions of dollars. [LA Times]

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