The First Counterpart Season 2 Trailer Reveals New Faces and Old Problems

The Starz show Counterpart is about a world that exists next to another, identical world. Well, almost. There’s the dimension we take to be the real one in addition to an alternate version where people look just like us, but have an entirely different agenda. When season two of the show kicks off, the main character,…

American Gods Season 2 Will Explore What It Means to Live in the Age of Social Media and Surveillance States

Some of the most fascinating things about Starz’s adaptation of American Gods revolve around the major changes made in order to make the show feel contemporary. Neil Gaiman first penned the original novel back in 1999 when the world was a drastically different place—and heading into season two, the show is still…

Making Ash a Dad on Ash vs. Evil Dead Has Made the Show Even More Kick-Ass

When we first heard that Ash Williams (Bruce Campbell)—the crass yet beloved star of Ash vs. Evil Dead and all its preceding films—was going to meet his teenaged daughter in the third season of the Starz show, we were skeptical. We need not have worried; turns out the potentially ruinous twist has fueled the season’s…

Read the First Issue of Dark Horse's Excellent American Gods Comic Right Here

Starz’s wonderful take on Neil Gaiman’s tale of modern day gods wasn’t the only great adaptation of American Gods we got recently. Dark Horse has been adapting the novel into comic form over the last year—and to celebrate its latest chapter beginning this week, you can read the first, not safe for work (NSFW) issue…

Parenting Advice From Ash vs. Evil Dead's Blissfully Crude Hero Is Just as Funny as You'd Expect

We’re under a month away from Ash vs. Evil Dead season three, which will continue the blood-soaked adventures of macho horror icon Ash Williams (Bruce Campbell) and his merry band of Deadite-fighters. This time around, Ash’s long-lost teenage daughter will be joining the team and io9 has an exclusive preview.

Starz's New TV Series Counterpart Is an Intriguing Spy Thriller Across Two Universes

Howard Silk—played with empathy and aplomb by J.K. Simmons—is a meek desk jockey at a frustratingly bizarre company. At one point, he blurts out “I don’t know what we do here!” When he finds out what happens in his office building and why he’s important to it all, Counterpart gets off to a very good start.

In the New Ash vs. Evil Dead Season Three Trailer, a Supernatural War Hangs Over Ash's Family Reunion

Fans who’ve been yearning for Ash vs. Evil Dead’s third season for over a year ago now have a freshly blood-splattered taste of what’s to come. The latest trailer reveals a bit more about Ash’s long-lost teenage daughter—and basically confirms that Ruby (Lucy Lawless) is back on Team Evil. Yes!

Starz CEO Says Neil Gaiman Will Be More Closely Involved With American Gods' Next Season

After the exit of showrunners Bryan Fuller and Michael Green—as well as habitual scene-stealer Gillian Anderson—the future of American Gods is uncertain. But the man in charge of the Starz television network has just said the one thing that should help fans keep hope alive: American Gods author Neil Gaiman will be a…