Bloomberg: Apple Might License AirPlay Video Streaming to Other Companies

Streaming video to your TV is nothing new, but doing it with AirPlay and an Apple TV makes it a cinch. But what if you don't have an Apple TV? Well, then no AirPlay video streaming for you!

However, Bloomberg is reporting that Apple is considering letting non-Apple devices license AirPlay video streaming functionality (similar to how there are audio AirPlay partners). The idea is interesting since there'd be less push for people to buy an Apple TV (since other devices would have AirPlay video streaming) but possibly more incentive for people to buy iTunes movies (since more people would have AirPlay video streaming). It'd be like taking over the living room with software instead of hardware.


Companies currently pay Apple $4 for each AirPlay-enabled audio device sold, that would presumably increase if video streaming is included as well. [Bloomberg]