We heard in August that Apple had been struggling to square up the future of its TV service with the big bad cable companies over. Now, a Bloomberg source is admitting that it means no new Apple TV product will launch this year.


Last month's Wall Street Journal report hinted that a new Apple set-top box was on the way—but that it would be severely limited by cable company ultimatums. Now a source "familiar with the company's plans" seems to be suggesting that Apple isn't happy with such a plan, so it "won't be releasing a new TV product this year".

It boils down to a decision to launch a great product late, or a mediocre one on time—and if Bloomberg is to be believed, Apple is opting for the former. Given Apple's typically stellar product launches, and how badly reports suggest the negotiations are going, this sounds like it could be the smart move if Apple is to keep its TV service important and relevant. [Bloomberg]

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