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SMK-Link claims that their new Bluetooth/infrared Blu-Link universal remote is the first to allow users control over their Playstation 3 and their other home entertainment devices from a single unit.

Additional Features:

•Blu-Link offers advanced PS3 button shape and colors and dedicated buttons for Triangle, Circle, Square, X, Select, Home and Start, Blu-Ray DVD controls for Top Menu, Popup Menu, Angle, Audio Channel and Subtitle movie features
•Blu-Link is an "advanced learning" remote: learning button assignments from existing remotes; and user-configurable.
•Blu-Link's non-volatile memory retains button assignments even when it's 2 AA batteries have been removed
•Blu-Link supports more than 400 brands of standard and HDTV television and flatscreens, 150 VCR brands, 200 Satellite Receiver models, 100 Cable TV Receiver brands, 50 DVR models and 200 home theater surround sound systems


The Blu-Link is available starting today with a price tag of $50. Not a bad deal if you have like 20 remotes sitting on your coffee table. Consolidate! [SMK-Link]

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