The format war is far from over, but Sony's Blu-ray camp continues to enjoy the lead over Toshiba and the rest of the HD DVD gang, edging them out in movie sales yet again for the month of February. Both formats are competing to be the next high-def disc du jour, but so far in '07 Blu-ray has managed to outsell HD DVD titles in both January and February. HD DVD fans think it's just a fad due to the PS3's popularity (the PS3 is popular?), but for the month of February the Blu-ray folks moved around 250,000 titles versus 125,000 by the HD DVD camp. Does this mean you should buy a Blu-ray player? Not any time soon, as chances are we'll see a lot more back and forth before we get a real winner.


Blu-ray Edges Out HD DVD in February [TG Daily]