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The one technical advantage Blu-ray held over HD DVD is that Blu-ray discs hold more stuff, 50GB on a dual-layer disc. But that's still not enough for Metal Gear Solid 4 in all its glory, according to creator Hideo Kojima:

Kojima: For us, we're not still not satisfied with the quality we can do. You know, there's not capacity space.

Interviewer: Wait, wait a sec. Saying there's not enough capacity, are you talking about Blu-ray?

Kojima: That's correct. There's not enough space at all. [Laughs] ...There's not enough space. We always talked about where to cut and what to compress.


Just how does one cut and compress pure badassness? And the race to develop a new super-duper HD format [Hatimaki via (and translated by) Kotaku]


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