Blue Jeans Are Staining the HTC One X a Sickly Blue

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Blue Jeans. White One X. Put you in my pants, you know you made my phone stained. It was like, Papa Smurf, for sure. You're so blue to death and sick as ca-cancer. Ahem. Or something like that. A user found out that when he put his white HTC One X in his jean pocket, the indigo dye stained his phone. Gross.

Beauty is fleeting, I guess. The matte finish of the HTC One X is gorgeous but there's probably a reason why Apple and Nokia have chosen to go glossy with its phones instead of matte—it doesn't get ruined. Wiping off the blue stains seems to do the trick but you can imagine people getting lazier and lazier and having their phone eventually devolve into a bruised-looking mess. Our good soul-possessing intern Kif actually likes it when jeans bleed onto things but you're not insane like him, right? This is gross. Be careful if you get the white HTC One X. [Reddit]