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We're not really sure why in God's name Windows CE is still around and being used, but apparently Bluebird found a good use for it in their new PIDION BM-200 phone. Bring on the acronyms: this phone doubles as a PMP with GPS capabilities with a 520MHZ Intel PXA 270 CPU inside (which, when I think about my desktop PC from 2000, is kind of stunning), a 2.8" TFT touchscreen display at 240x320 pixels, 64MB of RAM, Bluetooth, WiFi, and a whole lot more. It even has a 2MP camera built in and miniSD for additional storage. Worried about getting this device because you're a PocketPC fan? Well, it emulates PocketPC to run your apps, so you're golden. Oh yeah, and remember, it's a phone, too. Though Windows CE isn't the greatest OS around, the features on the BM-200 make up for it. No word yet on pricing for this sexy beast.

PIDION BM-200 sleek Windows CE PDA phone from Bluebird [New Launches]


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