Bluetooth/Facebook Nodes Take Even More Human Interaction Out of Meeting People

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Some scientists at Bath University in the UK have come up with an interesting albeit only marginally useful new way of making friends via Facebook. Rather than having to go through the process of, you know, meeting people and talking to them, it instead basically gathers the info of people who've been in the same place as you and tells you about it later.

It works by using a "node" that senses Bluetooth devices. If you walk by and your phone gets pinged, it'll record where you were. When you get home, you'll be able to see everyone else that was there when you were. Then you'll have the perfect first line for that girl you noticed across the park. You know, something like "So… you like parks? Me too." Or whatever. What am I, some sort of dating expert?


Anyhow, there are no plans to actually implement this anywhere, but who knows if that'll change in the future. [Boy Genius via DownloadSquad]

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