BMW Is Making Cars That Drive Themselves

Everybody's working on self-driving cars! Google, Ford, Volvo and now even the ultimate driving machine, BMW, is trying their hand at hands free driving. BMW's self-autonomous system uses four types of sensors, radar, cameras, laser scanners and ultrasound distance sensors and can even change lanes to zoom past a slowpoke car. BMW. The ultimate lazy driving machine.

The BMW team created special algorithms to handle every situation and uses the car's position in pre-mapped highways to navigate and the location of other cars to avoid. It's cruise control on mother freaking steroids, basically. The coolest part about the ConnectedDrive Connect system is that if the car feels its going too slow, it'll move over to an open lane, speed up, pass the slow car and move back into the original lane.

I'm not driving again. [YouTube via DVICE]

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This seems really cool, but in one sense I'm not sure what you accomplish. Because I feel like you'd never be at the level where you can, for example, take a nap while the car drives for you. You'd always have to be ready to take over, much like cruise control...and in that sense if you're always having to be ready to drive why not just drive?