BMW Makes Self-Parking Car

Well, here's another job made obsolete by man's technological march forward, that of the car parking guy. BMW says that it will have developed a fully automated, self-parking car within the next three years. The system draws on components already found in some of BMW's current models, including its fancy pants 7 series, and augments them accordingly. If all goes according to plan, all you'll have to do is push a button as you approach a parking spot—the car will take care of the rest.

A reflective lens is placed at the head of the parking and a video camera measures the distance and angle between the car and the lens. Then the car calculates trajectory and activates the gas pedal and steering wheel as the situation merits.


BMW is no stranger to automated car processes. Its iDrive system, though apparently a pain in the neck to operate, automated several processes like driving and cabin controls, and is already in several of its cars.

Park the Beamer by Bot [Wired]



eh, neat. I see how it can be useful for parking garages/spots that are tight to get in and out of (via opening your car door) - but what is gonna stop the guy next to you from dinging the sh!t outta here bimmer? Also, if you auto-parked it in a tight garage, can it bring it self back out? Cause if not - get ready to call in thru the trunk!